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ChangYu Pioneer Wine Company Limited



ChangYu Pioneer Wine Company Limited



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Cabernet Sauvignon

Moser Family Cabernet Sauvignon

Chateau Changyu Moser XV

Golden Diamond Icewine VIDAL

Blue Diamond Icewine VIDAL


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The surprise for all – high-end wine from China. The Cabernet Gernischt, an indigenous Chinese variety, is the result of six years worth of intensive teamwork between Changyu and TxB; their goal is to produce an outstanding Chinese premium wine.


By planting 340 hectares icewine ChangYu made international history. Under European and Canadian expertise and planting only the preferred variety Vidal, these new vineyards will almost double the number of bottles of icewine available worldwide. The "Golden Icewine Valley", China's largest production of icewine, is located in the region around the Huanlong Lake in the Liaoning province, close to the borders of North Korea and Russia. Planted at a latitute of 41° North, the wines grow healthily during the warm summer months and are exposed to the extreme cold temperatures of minus 10° Celsius during the winter.  

Videointerview Hendrik Thoma und Lenz Moser
ChangYu Cabernet D’Est und Changyu Icewine March 2012


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